To bring up excellent students with global thoughts and technical skills and knowledge contributes to the environmental preservation of the earth.

Dr.Gouhong WU is a professor of Electrical Engineering in Tohoku Gakuin University. His recent researches include the effect utilizations of renewable energies and development of a microgrid system, which may facilitate the large-scale introduction of renewable energies. His studying and working experiences in China and Japan lead to his teaching policy that if we thought about the things for people at all times, we could also gain the understand from the person of any other even if we have different culture backgrounds. He disclosed to professor Kita (Hokkaido University) the reason of studying electrical engineering, why he chose a university in Japan, how the university was he studied and why he decided to be a professor in Japan. >>More

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People in electrical engineering vol.2June 28, 2013

I wish to keep the stability of electric power system by Japanese technological strength!
CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc.

People in electrical engineering vol.1September 28, 2012

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Pathom Attaviriyanupap.D.Eng.(From Thailand)