Kunihiko Hidaka
Fellow Professor, Tokyo Denki University
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Creating the Future with Electricity through Industry-Academia Partnerships

Electricity, like air and water, has become an integral part of our lives in modern society. In addition, the power infrastructure that generates, sends, and uses that electricity supports other infrastructure such as information and communications, transportation, and water and sewage, so it is also called the most central infrastructure or the leading infrastructure.

Currently, there is a social demand for the leading infrastructure to constantly propose solutions to the challenges facing humankind such as global warming, the realization of a carbon-free society, energy problems, and the responses to intensifying natural disasters. Electrical engineering is a fundamental discipline that responds to this social demand, and its importance remains unchanged in the past, present, and future.

Japan Power Academy started its activities in April 2008 with the aim of creating the future of humankind through electrical engineering. Since then, it has been promoting a number of measures to nurture the future in terms of both research and education under the nationwide framework of industry-academia partnerships that are based on electrical engineering.

Japan Power Academy greatly appreciates the active support from all stakeholders.

Purpose of Foundation

Pioneering a New Stage of Electrical Engineering through Industry-Academia Partnerships

The faculties of electrical engineering at universities and technical colleges play an important role in supporting Japanese industries, notably including the electric power and electrical industries, through both research and education.

Electrical engineering* is indispensable for solving many of the problems we face today which include global warming and energy-related issues of growing complexity. It is thus essential to maintain and enlarge the faculties of electrical engineering at educational institutions, since these are centers for basic research and education and the source of technological innovation in electrical engineering.

Pursuing a vision of industry-academia partnerships, Japan Power Academy supports research and education in electrical engineering across Japan, organizes public relations activities to foster public awareness of the attractions and importance of this discipline, and contributes to the evolution of electrical engineering.

*Scope of electrical engineering:
Japan Power Academy’s support centers on power systems, high voltage, insulation, electrical machinery and electrical applications,but includes related fields of growing interest including energy, the environment, IT applications, new energy and distributed generation, thus addressing a wide range of technologies and research themes.